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Hi folks, I'm new to Git and BitBucket, wanted to started using BitBucket for a personal project, both for its advantages, and to get used to the workflow and IDEA integration.

I installed the BitBucket plugin in the 12.519 EAP, and got several errors on startup, so I disabled it. There's a been a release relatively recently, but there are a number of issues in its issue tracker ( that don't appear to have been addressed at all for quite a while.

So here's what I'm interested to know:

  • Are people using the BitBucket connector?
  • Is it thought to be stable?
  • Is anyone using with the 12.x EAPs, and if so, are you finding it stable?
  • How stable has it been historically? How about with EAPs?
  • Are people using it with Git repos, and does that affect stability?

Thanks, just trying to figure out the least-hassle way to get my feet wet and get some work done in that environment. I truly love IDEA, and would be happiest if I could manage BitBucket through it, like I do my local SVN. OTOH, if it's unstable, I think it'd be confusing for a newcomer, and would rather find another way, probably TortoiseHg, since I'm already using TortoiseSVN.

Thanks for any thoughts,


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And just to point out, there's nearly zero forum traffic anbout it, like it's not used much. Odd.



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