GWT Multi-Module inheritance inspection problem

I have a problem ...

I have 2 GWT modules.. One needs to inherit a 3rd-party API (MGWT), And the other doesn't. Problem is:
If I only inherit that API in the module using it, I get GWT code inspection error.

The error only goes away when both modules inherit the same API. Although only one uses it.

This doesn't happen in eclipse by the way.

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This is most likely a simple project configuration problem. To help you out a little more information is needed.

  1. Is this a maven project? If so, can you describe the maven hierarchy you have (or post your pom)
  2. When you say "One [module] needs to inherit a 3rd-party API", by "inherit", do I assume you mean your module has a dependency on the 3rd-party API?
  3. What is the specific GWT inspection error you are getting?
  4. Where are you getting the inspection error?
  5. In which module (the one with or without the MGWT dependency added to it, or both) are you getting the error?

Post some screenshots of your configuration (the project structure dialog) and the error if you can.


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