Problem with the bottom panel


I use IntelliJ IDEA 11 Community Edition. Everything's great but only the bottom panel disappoints me.

Here you can see that the bottom panel is stretched to the screen width. It takes too many free space that sometimes becomes very annoying especially when I need panels for maven build and context structure.
Are there any ways to dock the bottom panel like on the next picture?

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There is not a way to do this when both windows are docked and pinned. With pinned & docked windows, the horizontal (top and bottom)  tool windows have priority over the vertical (left & right) tool windows. You can open a feature request ( to request an option be added to allow this. While you wait, there are a couple of workaround options.

One option is to unpin the side window. If the side project tool window is not pinned, when it opens, it will open over the bottom tool window (and the editor). Its opening over the editor (and closing when not actively being used) may not be desirable.

Another option (as a workaround) is to float the side window and place it next to the main IDE window. This will basically accomplish what you want (see screenshot below). A down side is that you can't use the OS's native maximize button. If you want to work full screen, you need to manually size and position the two windows to do this. So you lose the ability to toggle between full screen and a smaller sized window if you typically do that as part of your workflow. (You can still minimize and restore.) Another shortcoming is that when working full screen, resizing the project window involves resizing two windows rather than one. But again, it's better than nothing while you wait for your feature request to get fulfilled.


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There is other workarround:

On bottom sidebar at left (no split mode) put the tools you want to be at left (structure in your case). then the biggest bottom tools, put them on the right (debug, changes, run, etc)

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There is Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance -> Widescreen tool window layout option now that does this.

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Vertical space is at a premium, monitors nowadays are very wide. When the bottom panel stretches like that seems like a lot of wasted horizontal space, mostly blank.

In a project with tons of files, it would be more usable it the left panel took the whole vertical space.

This IntelliJ docking scheme is a compromise. I've been complaining about this since IntelliJ 7.

It would be nice if they adopted the docking-anywhere scheme of eclipse and visual studio, to take advantage of the large screens we have today.

Now I also use CLion, same limitations to split the panels to use your screen efficiently.

Just my opinion.

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Thank you Andrey Dernov, it works as intended. Shouldn't the wide screen option be enable by default, though, given that most of the screens now are widescreen.


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