Find usages in library (dependency) classes broken in 11?

I recently upgraded to intellij 11 (from 10) and soon ran into a problem when trying to find implementations (navigate | implementations) of library api interfaces within my current project. When trying to find implementations, none are found and when trying to find usages I only find import usages, while it is clear when inspecting the importing classes that there are implementations, method calls etc. If I try and find usages on some library class but i do so from a reference within my project (e.g. find usage on the actual call to IApi.doStuff()) i will find other usages, but if i do the find usage on the actual library class file i get nothing.

Same problem on both community edition and ultimate. Works just fine in intellij 10.

Does anyone have any workarounds or solutions to this?

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Are you sure that you have only one library in the Project Structure dialog containing the library files?

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Yes, i only have one library-jar with one class in it. Try "find usages" on the Client class in the attached project. I will post a regular bug on this today.


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