Debugging Two projects


We use GIT and have our code in 2 different repositories. One repository contains a set of webservices and the other repo has webapps that use the services.
I need to deploy both of these in tomcat to be able to debug our app. How can I do this? I can deploy apps in either repository independentatly but not together.

thanks for your help

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you can create a single project containing these 2 repositories as separate modules. After that you'll be able to deploy both application in a common
Tomcat run configuration.

Nikolay Chashnikov
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Hi Nikolay

Thanks for the quick reply.  How can I do this with GIT? I can do this with SVN without any problem
But GIT seems to own directory that I checkout the code in.
or Should the IntelliJ project be setup a parent directory that includes both of these?

For example:

-- services (currently this is a project)
-- -- module 1
-- -- module 2
-- applications (currently this is a project)
-- -- webapp 1 (module)
-- -- webapp 2 (module)

thanks for your help


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