How the hell do I run a Groovy script?


I am puzzled by the complexity of gettings things setup in Intellij.

It has always been way to complex, including in Eclipse.

I have the Groovy plugin installed. I have a Groovy script, in a java project ( who gives a shit ) ...
why can't I just run the script, like I would be able to using the console : groovy myscript

What the fuck!? Seriously, but this whole process needs to be seriously overlooked, because it is not easy.

I shouldn't have to add anything. I have the groovy plugin. The configuration should be done in settings, like groovy version and what not.
All these fucked up module windows, that I am sure no body understands needs to be refactored.

// Pissed off user

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Option 1:

  1. From the menu: Help > Help Topics
  2. Click the search tab
  3. Type 'run groovy' in the search box and hit enter
  4. Follow the directions shown in the Running and Debugging Groovy Scripts help page :)

Option 2:

  1. Open the script
  2. Type Ctrl+Shift+F10 (⌃⇧F10)

Option 3:

  1. Open the script
  2. Open context menu (i.e. Right click)
  3. Select "Run 'ScriptName'"

Option 4:

  1. Create a new Groovy Run/Debug Configuration (Run > Edit Configurations) for the script and run it

Just right-click and select run. Simple.


Also, there are these steps:


-2. Install groovy

-1. Add the groovy SDK to the project

0. Add the JAXB dependency

Then, you're ready for step 1. :)


Just for others who follow this and see weird errors that don't seem to point to the problem. :(

Found help here:



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