Analyzing text files


I have a small project with one module which should analyze quite a lot
of data from text files. Project layout:

data - 500 txt files
java - java sources
test - unit tests

Sometimes, when I launch IDEA 6.0.2, it parses 500 txt files. It doesn't
happen often, but still happens. But there is even more weird thing
happening if I'm trying to Analyze Dependencies, Analyze Backward
Dependencies or Inspect Code (sweet), it parses 500 text files which are
not even in class path, but it doesn't do that if I'm trying to analyze
Cyclic Dependencies, Module Dependencies or Duplicates.

So, why IDEA does that kind of things with text files?


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I have seen this also. Analyze Dependencies is even analyzing my images files (*.png) !!

I have a bunch of online documentation included in my workspace which consists of *.html and *.png files. I like to have it in the workpace so I can find references using IntelliJ's Search in Path feature.

Whenever I am doing Analyze Dependencies it is searching all of those html and png files.
This seems like a bug.

I would really like to specify two scopes for the Analyze Dependencies and Analyze Backward Dependencies, e.g. Analyze Dependencies of package in*


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