Tomcat Logs causes intellij to deadlock

Hi There,

I have recently moved over to OSX for my development platform and seems to not being going as well as I had hoped. Got everything installed OK however, intellij seems to deadlock when starting up. Analysing the threaddump seems to confirm this (attached image) - the lock is taken for about 3 minutes before intellij become responsive and when I see the deadlock, the idea process is at 100% for the whole time.

This seems to be a common thing to being doing (starting tomcat from intellij) - has anyone else seen this as if not then it would seem to be environment (ie my laptop) but i'm struggling to work out why this would take place..

I see it on leda (latest) and 11 (latest).. Also, I have raised an issue with jetbrains on this but as yet, no movement (IDEA-92010)

Is anyone else seeing this?

Thanks in advance,


Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 13.05.15.png

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