IJ 11 + Android + ActionBarSherlock not recognizing R.java

Not new to Java or to IJ, but brand new to Android development.

I've inherited a project from a develoer who used eclipse, created the IJ project from the eclipse projects.

Directory structure is:

where Main and ActionBarSherlock are both eclipse project roots. It builds fine in eclipse.

My IJ modules are, accordingly, Main and Main/lib/ActionBarSherlock.

When I go to build the project or the ABS module inside IJ, on various ABS classes, the compile fails and in the messages, I get "cannot find symbol R" on a import com.actionbarsherlock.R; statement. Here's the weird part: When I dtl-B on the R in the import or an any use of it in the classes, it's fine. The source file has no red squigglies, but the Build fails.

Whence the disconnect, and how do I fix it?

(Note that I don't currently have an Android Facet set up for the ABS module. I had it previously, but I got all kinds of complaints in the xml files.)

Thanks in advance for any help!

(I've crossposted this to http://www.coderanch.com/t/594158/Android/Mobile/IJ-Android-ActionBarSherlock-not-recognizing.)

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Okay, I take it back. Eclipse is not building either. It was before. I guess I'm going to have to assume that I screwed up a resource or something. I'll look into that. Sorry for the (probably) false alarm.

I take back my take-back. Undid my changes, eclipse is now fine, IJ still has the above problem.

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Okay,  a combination of newer Android SDK version and adding an Adroid Facet fixed it. Not sure why I got that behavior in the first place though, and I do need to build against the lower version (which, again, does work in eclipse).


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