Live template abbreviations and how they work

I'm trying to get my head around how the abbreviations work.

I'm used to FDT where your template abbreviator (or identificator really) shows up in autocomplete just as any other element.
I.e. if I have a couple of templates called "debug - warning", "debug - error" ect, and in the editor I start typing "deb", then all of the templates starting with "deb" will show up in autocomplete making it very easy to group templates.

But in IntelliJ it seems I have to write the full abbreviator for my template to show up, and even when I do it doesn't always show up.
It seems that if there's no other stuff matching the typed word no autocomplete is shown, and I can't see my abbreviator. Also, if the abbreviator exactly matches other stuff, it won't show up either.
I have some package called "debug" that shows up in autocomplete as soon as I start typing "de..".
The abbreviators "de", "deb", "debu" will show up in autocomplete as soon as the full abbreviator is typed, along with "debug" package.
The abbreviator "debug" doesn't show up even though "debug" package is showing.
The abbreviator "debugger" doesn't trigger the autocomplete at all.

I find this behaviour very illogical.

I know I can do CTRL+J but that's an extra uneccessary step.
I'd like the template abbreviations to be able to show up in autocomplete just as any other element.

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We've tried that, it's too much noise in the completion lists and they really get in the way. You can still turn this behavior on, see the comments to for details.

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Oh, thanks.

Seems to work perfect except for that the templates appears at the bottom. I guess there's no way to put them on top?

I personally use templates a lot but I don't have so many of them that it becomes a problem in the auto complete box.
In IntelliJ I turned off the default ones, so I would be more than happy if they showed up at the top.

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No idea. For me they appear at the top. Which language are you coding in?

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Sorry for late reply.

I'm coding in Flash.

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I've created an issue for this, please follow its progress.


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