maven-idea-plugin with multi module project

I've created maven project with one root and multiple children modules (with pom.xml on each level),
having troubles excluding clover generated sources (located in multiple modules in target/sources/**).

I exclude this directory on each module level using <exclude> and run mvn idea:idea it works fine (but then i have to run it per each module - not ideal), but if I run it from the root generated sources are still pulled into each module.

Any suggestions?




Idea has built-in Maven support, you can create project with 'New project -> Import from external model -> Maven'.

But, I guess, you wan't to generate Idea project automatically during Maven build, right?
Well, imo this is not that much needed. At my company we have quite a big multi-module Maven project and we don't store Idea project settings under version control. When I update from version control and Maven pom files have changed, Idea shows a baloon that suggests to re-import Maven settings, and it always worked fine for me.
But if you are determined to generate idea project with Maven plugin, the right place to address your issue is issue tracker for this plugin: (yes, it's empty...)


Thank you for your reply Sergey.

Somehow 'New project -> Import from external model -> Maven'  does not import pom correctly - modules dont list any dependency jars (works fine with maven idea:idea).

I am going to create a separate ticket in  as you suggested.



Looks strange. Improting project from Maven should add jars to module dependancies, at least it does it in my case.
Could you please try to reproduce this issue on small sample project and upload it here?


Nothing strange here. Idea's maven integration is even more buggy than eclipse's one. At least I spend same time having fun with suddenly lost dependencies, uncompiling project etc, as I didn in eclipse. The only improvement is no need to add crazy plugings  to poms as it was needed in eclipse.

Best regards, Eugene.


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