How to rename ant build in 'Ant build' panel?

I want to have two shortcuts to run the same ant build but with different command line arguments.
So I imported the same build file twice and set different command line arguments for them.
The problem is that they have the same name (which is equal to project name in build file), and I can't find a way to rename them.

Is there any way to rename build in 'Ant buid' panel?


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It seems that there is no way to do this. Welcome to create a feature request in the bugtracker:


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A hackish waorkaround to do this is to create a second ant build file that has a different name and imports the primary one. Add that to the Ant tool window (and likely to the Version Control ignore list).

<project name="Alternative Name" default="build">
    <import file="build.xml" />


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