Debugging freezes whole OS - Ubuntu 12.04 x64, jdk 1.6 x64

While debugging IntelliJ, or plugin for IntelliJ, when it runs on breakpoint, it usually freezes whole Ubuntu, only one key works sometimes- super key - it displays Dash Home, but no other keys work and mouse click does nothing.
Intellij repaints normally - some icon is blinking and memory usage is moving. Killing in another tty is required.

How to surely reproduce:
When breakpoint is in com.intellij.history.integration.ui.actions.ShowHistoryAction#isEnabled, after pressing right button at editor, it catches first time, and after pressing F9, it freezes exactly when it goes there second time - which is immidiately after pressing F9

kernel 3.3.6 and 3.3.7, 3.5.0

Does anyone have the same problem or solution?
-Dsun.awt.disablegrab=true  did not help

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ah, -Dsun.awt.disablegrab=true must be added to the runned application too. then it works.


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