AspectJ Warning - Compiler settings for Ajc


I'm working with IntelliJ 11.1.3 and working on a Spring project. Whenever
I edit the pom.xml file, the right side of my screen fills with yellow warning
dialogs that the AspectJ compiler cannot be found and that I need to goto the
Compiler settings to fix. See attached png file.

Under the Settings|Compiler|JavaCompiler option. I've manually set the
"Use Compiler" field to AJC and pointed it to a downloaded copy of the
aspectjtools.jar file, but continue to get the yellow AspectJ warnings.

Can anyone help me out?

I've also tried the following posts which basically add the aspectj jar as a
dependency with no luck: &


8-3-2012 6-22-54 PM.png
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Same here, unfortunately :(




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