File weirdness

I've modified the File include file to look like the following:

* User: ${USER}
* Date: ${DATE} ${TIME}

However when I create a new class or file using a template that references this with a #parse directive, the line breaks are messed up:

* User: tmartin Date: 9/4/12 4:43 PM
public class Sample

Am I doing something wrong here? I thought perhaps newlines were not important, but the other line breaks remain so I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong here.

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Color me confused but I guess the root cause of this is that the "keep line breaks" settings in my JavaDoc code style settings turned itself off; turning it on seems to have fixed the problem. Discovered because I reformatted one of my project files after making some changes.

I remain mystified because while I was trying to figure this out I discovered that if I reverted the header back to the default it would insert exactly as it appears in the settings dialog, but making any change to the text (e.g. changing "Created with" to "Ceated with") would cause the template to stack everything on one line.

Now that I've turned that JavaDoc comment setting back on I can't seem to recreate that, though. With the setting off even the default unmodified template gets reformatted. I'm perplexed by that as well but things are working again so I'm a happy camper. I'm going to assume that this is perhaps part of the weird problem where sometimes the code preview doesn't appear while in some code style settings tabs and sometimes it stops updating while you're modifying the settings.


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