Haxe: Missing Compiler Errors or warnings

I assume that I'm missing something, but when I have a syntax error when building a Haxe target - I don't see any pane that contains the compilation log with errors, etc.

I'm building Html5 and Flash targets succesfully, bue go to the console to manually compile the code.

I'm running on a Mac with the lastest plugin if that makes any difference --

I see this in the run panel

/usr/bin/haxelib run nme run /Users/todd/Dropbox/code/tower/project.nmml flash
The file /Users/todd/Dropbox/code/project/Export/flash/bin/project.swf does not exist.

and this in the Event Log

8:11:56 PM Compilation completed successfully
8:14:32 PM Compilation completed successfully
8:14:38 PM Compilation completed successfully

--- If I have no errors then Flash launches -- so it's just a function of errors not showing up where I expect to see them


Hi Todd,

Please make sure that "Make before run" option is ON(see screenshot).



I checked on the setting - and I do have that setting enabled,  although when I compare screen shots -I noted that I missed a detail.

I am building a nme target -- when I compile using Haxe -- I am seeing errors in messages pane - so perhaps the issue is limited to nme projects.



Can you pleasse provide information about your development environment(Version of Haxe, NME and other libs)?

On my Windows computer all works fine. I've tested on my personal mac with Haxe 2.08 and NME 0.3.3. Maybe something changed.


Can you also provide output after running command "/usr/bin/haxelib run nme build /Users/todd/Dropbox/code/tower/project.nmml flash -debug" for invalid code?


Here's the information from my machine: I'm using 0.4.7 of the plugin on IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.3
Mac 10.7.4

// lines 91,92,93
91: private function onDiscSelected(aNewDisc:Thing) {

92:    this is a syntax error
93: }

todd$ /usr/bin/haxelib run nme build /Users/todd/Dropbox/code/tower/tower.nmml flash -debug
Source/Tower.hx:92: characters 5-9 : Missing ;
Source/Tower.hx:92: characters 10-12 : Missing ;
Source/Tower.hx:92: characters 13-14 : Missing ;
Source/Tower.hx:92: characters 15-21 : Missing ;
Source/Tower.hx:92: characters 22-27 : Missing ;

todd$ haxelib list
actuate: [1.43]
box2d: [1.11]
gm2d: [1.1]
haxigniter: [0.92]
hxcpp: [2.10]
jeash: [0.8.7]
jsmin: [1.2]
nme: 3.2.0 [3.4.0]
polygonal-core: [1.00]
polygonal-ds: [1.36]
swf: [1.13]


Thank you! I reproduced the problem. Will fix in a few days.


It was NME 0.3.4 problem. NME 0.3.4 returns good exit code even after failure.

Unfortunately, I don't able to build plugin for 11.1 at the moment, but here is build with fix for 12. You have to choose "Install plugin form disk" option and choose attached zip file.



Sorry for the delay -- I didn't realize the IDEA 12 was available to the public --- I just installed and verified that it's fixed my problem!    



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