Android development and AspectJ

Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to IntelliJ but so far I'm really enjoying it. Unfortunately there is still one thing that stops me from leave Eclipse once and for all, that is AspectJ. In our app we're using AspectJ quite heavily, for Analytics and for out location manager and I didn't manage to make IntelliJ work properly with the ajc. Everytime I change the compiler from Javac to ajc I cannot build my project anymore - tipically because the compiler does not find the R file - or if I manage to make it compile I screw up things in some other ways and make the app crash at run time - tipically on screens with custom widgets defined in an Android library project.

Is there anyone who's using IntelliJ for Android development and AspectJ as well (I am currently using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 11.1 and AspectJ 1.7 on Mac OsX Lion)? This is a sample Android project that you can import from Maven and use to try things out. I am fighting against this issue since a few weeks, so any help would be highly appreciated.

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I've created an issue about this problem: IDEA-90707. Please, vote

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Thanks very much for that. I just tried to vote it up but it's marked as fixed, I'll download a beta version of IDEA 12 and give it a go.


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