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I've made a clean install of IC11.1.3. It created configuration files as part of the install. When setting root directory of a project, local as well as network drives were offered.

Then I've removed this installation completely, and installed IC11.1.3 anew. I've pointed installer to a copy of configuration files I'm using with IU10.5.4. When I started this installation of idea, it did not offer network drives for project root anymore. In my case, the network drives were vmware shared folders mapped as windows drives.

Is there a workaround how to preserve the network drives whilst reusing my config files from idea 10?

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IntelliJ IDEA 11 does not show you the network drives if you use the option to run IntelliJ IDEA from the installer. This is fixed in IntelliJ IDEA 12.

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thank you, that clarifies it.

Just info what happened when I restarted idea (not changing its configuration): it started to show the network drives. However, the Project perspective of the Project tool window got Aharoni Bold font which did not change when all fonts in idea have been changed. Other perspectives of the tool window and other windows kept their former fonts.

After second restart the network drives remained in the select root project dialog and the unusual font from the Project tool window disappeared.


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