How to find classes in unimported packages?

In IDEA, when you input part of a classname or methodname and then press
CTRL+SPACE, IDE will gives a list of all similar classes or methods for you
to choose. However, these classes or methods are only available in the
imported packages.

I want to know how to find a class in JDK or 3rd Libraries. Far more, if
IDEA can support to popup a list of all classes it finds and allow us to
import it.

Such features can be find in Netbeans. When I input "BASE64" and then press
CTRL+SPACE, a list of all classes whose names include "BASE64", and if I
choose one, the such a class will be imported automaticly.

Hope to add such features to IDEA. thanks.


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Ctrlaltspace class name completion

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Sorry, I got it. The reason is I borrowed such key map to my Input IME. Now
I recover it. All is OK.
Thanks a lot.

"Dmitry Kashin" <> дÈëÏûÏ¢ÐÂÎÅ

Ctrlaltspace class name completion


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