Is it possible to float/move individual tool window tabs (to view multiple debug sessions at the same time)?

Is it possible to float/move individual tabs (for example a Debug application tab)? It seems you can move Tool Windows around and Nested Tabs around, but not a Tool Window's tabs (e.g. Debug application/session).  

I know how to float and move around whole tool windows (like the whole Debug tool window with multiple application tabs).

And I can drag out the application tab's "nested tabs" like Console & Watches to make a separate windows that contains that nested tab. I can then drag additional nested tabs on to it (its messy but doable). But I can't drag the last nested tab from Debug application tab.

My end goal is to have a separate window for each Debug application tab so I can see all of my concurrent processes at once.

On a related note, I can't seem to find any docoumentation on moving around nested tabs like Console/Watches. I can tell you can move them around to tile them, but my success rate in getting them where I want them is hit or miss.


Related doc links, I've tried to use their terminology:

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