Feature Request: now that groovy 2.0 has static typing can you enable standard Java refactorings for a class that is marked @CompileStatic ?

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to suggest this feature, but here goes.  The title should explain it all.  Currently when i
am editing a groovy class i don't get all the nice Java refactorings.. I understand that this is because the dynamic nature of groovy makes it hard for the Idea compiler to know  for sure what
the types are of the methods and variables i am dealing with. .

But if i am running Groovy 2.0 (+), and my class is marked as @CompileStatic...  won't that give the idea compiler enough info to support at least some of the refactorings that are now limited to java ?



Each Java refactoring implementation works only with Java code. Many of the refactorings can (and do) get implemented for Groovy, but there is no way to turn on a refactoring automatically for free.


It would be a useful feature for Groovy/Java developers.
Could we file a feature for this in  youtrack system?



You're welcome to file feature requests for specific refactorings that you would like to see supported for Groovy.


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