i18n with xml files instead of properties


Sometimes in the past we converted our properties files to XML files
according to suns "properties as XML ;-)" format.

We've done this to avoid the confusion with the charset encoding of
normal properties files and the need to use a native2ascii
transformation on them.
With XML those things are no longer needed.
For sure, we have to take care of which properties file to load
depending on the locale (we have to create the filename), but this is
rather easy in comparison to the properties thing.

Unhappily IDEA do not support the XML format in its i18n tools/error

I think (or better I hope) that this can easily be done and that
IntelliJ is willing to enhance their tools.

Is this something worth of creating an enhancement ticket?


PS: I don't want to convert our XML files back to properties files :(


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