External lib definitions

I program with a large codebase at work, with lots of concurrent checkins from various devs to the tree, with occasional classpath updates. I've been looking for a way to externalize the lib definitions, and do it in a project relative way. I know I can define global libs, and it's stored in the config dir, but I need a way to store project libs in the project tree. Right now they're stored in the IPR files, which are overwritten on save, meaning I have to sync using external tools if I check it in, and restart to pick up the changes.

I'm wondering if there is some way of storing the lib definitions in external files, relative to the project dir, and have the ability to edit/sycn/refresh those even while intellij is running. We've done this with eclipse, I'd like to do the same with intellij.

Is this possible, or should I file a ticket?




bumping this.

should I just file a Jira feature request?



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