Local History Weirdness

I just tried to view the "Local History" for my my project root folder and I find it very confusing and just not very helpful.

In short I am more interested in what has changed from one change to the next.
However IDEA only ever shows the changed files compared to my current version.

That makes it very inconvenient to selectively rollback a single code modification of a specific change.

It is also very confusing that IDEA says "1 file" on the left, but what I select that change it shows many files on the right.
After pondering that for a while I (think I) now understand it, but still it feels strange.

There is no inline diff view in the dialog, but only a heavy weight diff dialog I have to explicitly invoke.
(In spite of the digest view that was a very welcome new feature for "real" VCS.)

When I invoke the diff, even though IDEA always compares against "Local", howver both sides of the diff are read-only?!

I had fonder memories of the Local History in earlier IDEA versions. Did it really change so much for the worse?

To selectively undo specific changes currently I have to:
* Find those changes that look interesting, select them one by one
* For each selection find the correct file on the right
* Each time invoke the diff and later close it again
* Each time look through all the changes against my current local version to try and find the one change that matters
  While doing so I'll mostly the same changes over and over again and have to concentrate on spotting any new ones in this revision

What would really help me would be a view that is shows diffs in between one change and the next including an inline digest view or/and editable diff:
* Step 1 stays the same: Find those changes that look interesting, select them one by one
The rest would be dramatically simplified:
* When I select a change on the left, without any other interaction:
  - I immediately see only those files on the right that were modified in this change (mostly just 1 file, except for updates, external changes etc.)
  - The first file is preselected
  - The digest immediately shows the diff
  - I have an easy way to apply a reverse patch (from the changed version to the one-step-before-the-change-version) to my current local version

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