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I worked for some time with IntelliJ Idea and it was very cool that I could attach a LOG file to my Application Run Configuration and see the logs in real-time inside the IDE.

Now our project decided that a change was in order so we started developing a brand new product, using GWT (Google Web Toolkit).

When running a GWT Project, one has to create a GWT Configuration Run Configuration, which looks pretty much like this (I'm using IntelliJ Idea 11.1.3):


For a larger view:

My question: where can I attach LOG files to this Run Configuration? If there isn't a possibility of doing so with this functionality, is there a 3rd party plugin I can install inside the IDE which will display any LOG file I need?

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currently support for log files isn't available for GWT run configurations. Feel free to create a feature request about that in our tracker
( I'm not aware about third-party plugins providing this functionality.

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