Support for changing case of regex match expression in replace interface


I have a bunch of fields in my file:

private String m_field;
private String m_otherField;
private String m_lastFieldIPromise;

I want getters for these fields, so I'll use the handy dandy (alt+insert) -> Insert Getters, which creates

public String getM_field()
    return m_field;

public String getM_otherField()
    return m_otherField;

public String getM_lastFieldIPromise()
    return  m_lastFieldIPromise;

Now these getters are kind of ugly because of my company's m_ field naming convention. So I'd like to replace the names of the getters with the standard



However, the replace dialog (ctrl+R) doesn't seem to have a way to make the match expression uppercase. Ideally I could do the following:

1) select all getters
2) Ctrl+R
3) Check [regex, selection only, case sensitive]
4) Find: M_.
5) Replace: \U$1\E

Everything between \U and \E would be uppercased,
similarly \L and \E could be used to lowercase.

This would give me my desired result.

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