Ignore parts of code in coverage report

I'm evaluating IDEA 6 for possible upgrade from IDEA4.5

I LIKE the new code coverage feature.

But as far as I understand it's impossible to mark parts of code as 'ignored' for coverage report.

So I have a small feature request to add support for excluding parts of source from coverage report. For example, in my own Boost.Coverage system (coverage reports for C++ - http://scb.udsu.ru/~cyberax/cov_test/index_tz_database.html ) I use such syntax:

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Hello, Alex,
Thank you for your feedback.
Indeed it is impossible now to exclude code from coverage reports. However, when thinking about how this feature should be implemented, I would rather choose excluding certain lines a posteriori with a dedicated action in the editor. Exculded lines would then be easily differentiated via special color for gutter marks, and at the same time no special code would be needed.

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On the other hand, such marks can not be put into source code repository and shared with other developers. For example, we generate IDEA projects automatically using Maven and I know a lot of other projects which do not put project files in source control.

Probably, it would be better to implement both methods. For example, when one puts '@nc' in a comment the line is immediately highlighted as ignored, but it is also possible to do it without modifying source code (useful when you need to use other peoples' code).


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