What does "Default" tree item stand for in Database window?

Dear Intellij Community,

I heavily use Database window in my projects .

After defining a DB (and selecting the projpa2 schema) and successfully connect to it I get the following in  the Database tree:

-Default: connected
-projpa2: schema
    -DEPARTMENT: table
    -EMPLOYEE: table
1st projpa2 is the name of  Datasource
2nd projpa2 is the schema
and there are also tables contained in that schema

... but I don't understand what Default: connected stand for.
This item stays in the way of refreshing the schema, because the action is invalid.
Also closing connection is enable only for this Default. Is it used only to allow using Delete shortcut to close the connection? Couldn't close connection action be enabled for Datasource tree item, and get rid of this Default tree item?

- In Idea IntelliJ 12 the tool butons of Database window have dispeared, and it is frustrating because I got accustomed to use them in Idea 11. Now I have to use context menu items or learn the shortcut. And in terms of schortcuts some IDE common action shortcuts are not consistent in DB Window (i.e.: ... properties).  

Thank you in advance.


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This Default is a database connection. It lives in separate java process (System task manager can show it).

You can create new run configuration of Query Language Console type, provide necessary VM options for it and associate it with the data source. Then that java process will run with specified properties. So, you manage JVM-level properties of connection to this or that data source.

Personally I use it to pass notorious "-Duser.language=en -Duser.country=US" to Oracle JDBC driver.



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