plugin that lets me examine a graph of package dependencies ? Can't seem to purchase: CodeDependency (site down)


I did a little research and I found a promising product called CodeDependecy:    (  )

Unfortunately, this company's web site seems to have some problems with ordering.  (tried with firefox and chrome on ubuntu.. no luck).

Are there any alternatives ?           For build time generation of dependency graphs i've used yodc..      But i want something that work in my IDE.

Thanks in advance..

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I will reply to this myself.. hope the info is useful to some other developers...

so..  i downloaded this >    and it worked great.  It is not integrated with the IDE unfortunately.. and i have not yet found out how to make the package dependency diagrams work as part of my build.

but it it is a nice tool to use in conjunction with  idea's 'analyze dependencies' feature.



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