Conflicts or taking care of braking down other features


I use intelliJ IDEA and most of the time JAVA, the problem is suppose I am working on a particular feature and I changed some of the code of a growing project. As I was working on a particular feature (say feature A), I concetrated on only feature A, but this code manipulation may break or affect other features like B and C, so what is the best way to take care of that, or find out the feature which will get affected by this code manipulation?

let me put it in this way, is there any way I can know what are the features a variable can affect or a method can affect or a class can affect?

I know shift+ctrl+f can give all the occurance of a variable but sometimes we may not formulate it so explicitly that I am changing a variable only, sometimes we just manipulate a function, or call afunction inside a method.. so simply speaking what is the best way to know area of effect for particular manipulation of code? Probably it can be a dependency graph, I am just thinking in conceptual level.

Any help by IntelliJ IDEA? or any particular kind of design tool like DFD or ERD or something like that can help me best?

Need your suggestions, thanks.

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