Help with eclipse/android migration


I am a new user and am having trouble getting things going.  I have some third party sources that were used as dependencies in eclipse, But I am unable to configure them correctly in Idea.

I created a module as an eclipse model import from ActionBarSherlock/library source [1].  It appears that a path error is created as the "gen" folder is listed twice on the sources page in project properties.

  1. .../ActionBarSherlock/library/gen
  2. ../ActionBarSherlock/library
    • src
    • gen

I removed the first entry but it is recreated in project generation and build. This causes errors in build.

duplicate class: com.actionbarsherlock.BuildConfig

If I import the project as a maven model the duplicate gen path issue does not occur, and the project builds successfully.  However, I have errors when adding it as a dependency to another project. All maven depencies for library module are listed as errors.

I would prefer to avoid the maven model import in favor of eclipse.

So, what am I doing wrong here?  Any help is appreciated - I would like to get away from eclipse.

Thank you.

[1] -

Edit: I tried Create project from existing sources in new project wizard and that seemed to work for importing the Sherlock sources.

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