Strange editor behavior with GWT and grails inplace plugin


I don't know if this is really a bug from Intellij, so I try to collect information on this.
On a grails project we are using GWT and our own modules.

For ease of development, we are using the inplace plugin mode.

I have this kind of errors popping in my 'inplace' classes:
(with intellij 11.1.2 and the problem does not appear if I open the module directly, not as inplace)

Screenshot - 13_07_2012 , 09_46_09.png
Screenshot - 13_07_2012 , 09_45_24.png
Have you ever seen this kind of weird errors ? Is their any configuration issue that can cause this kind of problem ?


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It's a bug. I've created an issue:
Could you attach a sample project?


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