IDEA Ultimate 11.1.2: XSLT debugger unusable?

I recently discovered that the XSLT Debugger in IDEA (Ultimate) does not work anymore. If I press the debug button, nothing happens - the debugger view is not opened, there isn't even an entry in the event log. (However, if I tell the XSLT run configuration to execute a maven goal before running the XSLT, that goal is executed.) If I just run the configuration, it works fine.

My colleague has exactly the same problem.There is no indication about what goes wrong. I have multiple XSLT-based project with different configurations, and the debugger doesn't work with any of them. Is anyone else able to use the debugger with the latest IDEA version? I have no idea what might possibly cause this problem, other than a problem with the bundled plugin.

And while I'm at it: The "XSLT File Associations" dialog in the settings doesn't work. When I try to add an associated file, the file selection dialog pops up, but when I select any file, it does not get added to the list.

To summarize: XSLT support seems to be totally screwed currently. I'd be really thankful for any help.


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The issue with file associations looks like
It seems to be fixed only in trunk (upcoming IDEA 12), not in IDEA 11.

The debugger works for me in 117.773 (11.1.3). I'm still trying to provoke the error.


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Thanks for the link. Concerning the run configuration, I now deleted all configurations and re-added them, the problem is now gone. I have no idea what caused it, and I'm not able to reproduce it.


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