Tunnelling SVN using Putty?

I'm not sure this question belongs here, but I could not find info about this anywhere else.

I'm investigating migrating from CVS to SVN and one of the issues I'm facing is
tunnelling using Putty. Our environment is such that the repository is exposed
on the LAN, but only accessible using SSH for shell connections. However, to access the repository externally, there's only one SSH port
open so we can ssh in and it is configured on a non standard port.

The way to work with the same repository using CVS was to use Putty's port
forwarding feature and have the repo box (running RHEL3) cvs server configured using
xinetd. Then, while at work I use a Putty session that uses local addresses to connect
and while at home, I use another putty session which uses the specific port in the
The local working copy always looked the same (:pserver:user@localhost:port:/path/to/repo)
no matter where I connected from.

I'm trying to achieve the same thing with SVN by using the svn://localhost/repo URL
and having a putty session open which forwards port 3690. No joy here, though.
As soon as I'm trying to import something into the repository I get error 170001
to do with authorisation.

Has anyone done something similar to what I'm trying to do? Am I barking against
the wrong tree and there's some other, better and correct, way of doing this?



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Do you have tried svn+ssh://server:port/path?



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