View exception details on break?

When I set a checkbox to break at "any exception" in Breakpoints window, debugger does break, but there's no easy way to figure out what's the type or value of the exception that just occured. The only applicable thing is checking "Log message to console", but sometimes it doesn't even do that (e.g. on Android).

To make an analogy with Microsoft's VS (pls don't hate me) there's a first-chance/unhandled exception box popping up pointing to where it was thrown and allowing you to "View Details" (aka a watch window for exception), also Locals watch contains $exception variable with its content. Is there something similar to make exception debugging less pain in intelliJ?

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Hi Alex,

Could you please create an issue?


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As a side note I want to point out that type of the exception can be seen from tool-tip over breakpoint icon on editor's margin.


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