bug: jdk5 inspections coming up even with lang level 1.4

'm getting jdk5 inspection warnings with lang level set to 1.4, using the java 1.5 jdk. I think that this is incorrect behaviour.

build #5734

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Andre Mermegas


No, this is not a bug. The user may want to develop with 1.5 language features, but run with jdk 1.4 (using e.g. Retroweaver). This used to be the case with idea for quite a while.


well shouldnt the opposite hold true? what if i want to compile/run with jdk5 but only want 1.4 language features in a particular module.


Oops, seems I got you wrong. Inspections for 1.5 language features should not trigger in lang level 1.4 of course. What particular inspections do you see that you feel are wrong?


Aha, I see, this is certainly a bug. Could you please file a request to JIRA?


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