bug in #5743: All files are saved in Unicode, which will cause compatiable issue to IE.

Hi, all,

I'm a Chinese user, and use UTF-8 as my default encoding, which is all fine
in my other version of IDEA.

This day I try to install the IEDA EAP of #5734. First, I found that all my
old project files including Chinese Characters can't be read any more, all
became blocks of strange characters.

Then, I try to correct them by some third tools such as UltrEdit, then the
editor can read them. Then I start the IE to test the page, to my surprise,
the IE render no content only if I refored to use the Unicode encoding.

The question is, the new IDE seems to save all files in UTF-16, which will
be fine to Java source which need not to be read directly to client. Such as
HTML, Javascript, the new UTF-16 encoding will cause strange issue to IE

Hope to consolve such a bug, and won't be there in the coming Realease

Thanks for your great tools.


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Thanks to your answer. I've read the article you suggested, and I think I
got what's your means.

now I write such tags as follows:
²âÊÔ This will be OK in the Web browser. However, if I refer to GBK encoding, for example: , the IE shows still strange codes. I don't konw why? Even then, thank you any more. Yours, Netsesame. "Yann Cebron" ]]> дÈëÏûÏ¢ÐÂÎÅ:25619703.1158909178243.JavaMail.itn@is.intellij.net...

see http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-9477


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