Quick JavaDoc and relative path

Does the QUICK javadoc (CTRL-Q) handle properly relative path?


  • <img src="file:///D:/cvsroot/x/y/z/logo.png"/>

  • <p/>

  • <img src="file:logo.png"/>

  • <p/>


For a class in the x/y/z package, the first link is properly displayed but the second one no; am I wrong with the file: URL syntax? The file logo.png is located at the same level as the class having this javadoc.


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Here is the actual HTML stuff...

  • &lt;img src="file:///D:/cvsroot/src/x/y/z/logo.png"/&gt;

  • &lt;p/&gt;

  • &lt;img src="file:logo.png"/&gt;

  • &lt;p/&gt;


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