IdePopupManager.isPopupActive - closed as "cannot reproduce"

I see that has been closed "cannot reproduce", given the number of automatically submitted exceptions, and the fact I see this pop up pretty much EVERYTIME I receive an IDETalk message makes me want to see this relooked at...

Personally - I'm running IDEA under JDK6, on Ubuntu Dapper, with IDETalk connected to my XMPP account (which in turn has MSN, ICQ, etc. etc.). I get a message from someone I seem to get this exception every 2nd or 3rd message from someone.

I have a suspicion its related to the funky yellow popup window that slides up and out of the bottom of my screen showing me the message thats just been sent. The exceptions seem more active when 3-4 of these popups are jumping up on top of each other. So its possibly a timing issue?

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Doh - I got so many of these IDETalk errors today I ended up getting this error:

Time to go hack my .ipr and remove all reference to IDETalk.

Way too buggy as it is :(


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