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I'm trying to migrate from Eclipse to IntelliJ. Our projects are Flex/Java Maven driven. We had a good productivity with Eclipse, Flash Builder, M2E and M2E-WTP plugins. I'm trying to find how I can get something similar in IntelliJ. I want to change some source code (Flex or Java) and could test the changes in tomcat as soon as possible. I suppose the projects could get configured from the poms but the build should be the native method in IntelliJ to get as closest as possible to the maven build we deploy in our production enviroments,  isn't it?. How can I get this kind of productivity? Is there some tutorial or document I could read so I can get pointed in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

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There's 3 years old GraniteDS example in our blog. It is outdated because Flex project setup has been redesigned and other changes in UI were done over 3 years. But in general concept is still the same: you need to configure an Artifact (Project Structure dialog) and Tomcat run configuration based on it. In some cases artifact is created automatically on Maven import, but I'm not sure that it will be 100% correct fro complex Flex+Java project. Enable 'Build on Make' for the artifact. If everything is configured corectly and you have Tomcat run configuration running - make changes in code and press Make (Ctrl+F9 on Windows) - IntelliJ IDEA will suggest to update running web app on the fly.
Look for more information in IntelliJ IDEA Help | Basic Concepts | Artifact and 'See Also' links and ask for more information here.


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