How to Show Current Frame Variables

Here is a page that tells me everything I need to know, except how to show the window!

I am using IntelliJ IDEA version 10.0.2, and the windowing mechanism sometimes looses windows after an errant click.  I have no idea where they disappear to, or how to reliably get them back.  I wish they were listed in the Window menu so that I could force it to show.

Please help.

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It seems the Debug tab is special where Threads, Frames, Variables, Console and Watches can "Move to Grid".  When a tab is moved to grid, that grid location could have zero width and simply not show.

1) Go to Debug tab
2) Look along one of the four edges in that tab for a resizing separator
3) Resize grid to reveal the hidden tabs
4) Click "Move to Tab" to return


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