implementing abstract methods from jars that use fully qualified path names

I'm trying to get this project that works fine in eclipse, and builds fine with ant, to work in IDEA. The problem I'm running into is the application references a jar that has some abstract methods in it that my current application tries to implement. IDEA seems to complain though when it tries to implement the abstract methods that use fully qualified path names in the signature or as a parameter definition.

For example it complains in the current project that I'm using the wrong return type for a method that is defined as the following in the abstract class:

public abstract getJavaJoinParameter() throws java.lang.Exception;

My implementing method in my project's class ues the import for and then tries to implement it as..

public ToXML getJavaJoinParameter() throws java.lang.Exception

In a similar scenario my project is trying to implement an abstract method like...

public void addBoilerPlate(SpecBoilerPlateParameterGen boilerPlate) throws Exception

where the abstract class has it defined as:

public abstract void addBoilerPlate( specBoilerPlateParameterGen) throws java.lang.Exception;

It seems like IDEA doesn't recognize how these abstract methods are defined in a jar used by my current project, so I can't get it to build in IDEA.

(Problem seems to exist in builds 5646 and just tried in 5661 and same problem there.)

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The problem most definitely is not caused by fully qualified names, but rather by incomplete project setup.
Probably the idea project is missing some other jar or a source path.
Be sure to define all needed jars as libraries in the idea project and configure all paths were sources are.

To help you further you would have to give more info about the project directory structure and jar locations.

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Yes, you are correct that it must be related to something else since I just tested it with two little dummy projects and its working fine. Also I just noticed something else that I misstated - the project does build fine - it's just that when I go to those classes in the ide, I get the red errors concerning not implementing the correct abstract methods. It's sort of odd that it builds fine though yet complains when I go the actual source code?

If I try to do ctrl-i to implement the method its complaining about, it does not implement it (which makes sense since it really is there).

The project only uses jars in the lib directory. I do not have any external library dependecies or global libraries set up.

Any other ideas what might be causing IDEA to complain about these couple of classes? Thanks for the help.

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Most of the problems of this kind relate to projects where libraries depend on sources. IDEA does not (and will not) support this configuration.

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Could you elaborate on this? The jars do not rely on anything that I'm aware of so I'm not sure what source could be involved.

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I'm still really stumped by this. Right now I'm stuck using Eclipse for this project and I miss IDEA. Can someone provide some direction of things I can/should look for to maybe resolve this problem? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.


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