Inspection overly aggressive?

Consider the following:

public abstract class Encoder {

public static Encoder makeStringEncoder() {
return new StringEncoder(); // I'm a naughty boy!

private static final class StringEncoder extends Encoder {...}

In Demetra 5661 the inspection "Class references subclass" flags the
indicated line.

Abstract classes offering factory methods is a common pattern and, if
the implementing class in nested, the reference seems perfectly
innocuous. It's not clear whether this is the intended behavior, an
unanticipated edge case, or a bug. So I thought I'd bring it up here.

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I think normally you would have another class EncoderFactory which contains the makeStringEncoder() method..

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There was a similar issue where the concrete class was implemented as an anonymous inner class. That one has been fixed recently. So just file a JIRA request and Bas will fix it ASAP.

Here's the other issue:


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