Idea + GWT2: how can I understand what is deployed while calling Run?


Guys, I am new to GWT, please explain me some basics.

I have a standart GWT project, created automatically by Idea. Now I want to add a Hibernate Persistence to my project. For this I did all necessary things: created anotation mappings and persistence.xml. But after the deploy and call to persistence service I got the error: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: No Persistence provider for EntityManager named (...)

To solve this error I need to know what exactly Idea deploys when I call the Run configuration. I want to know the structure of the war file deployed on that internal Jetty. Probably the reason of my error is that the persistence.xml is placed in wrong fodler, but I dont know where should I place it because I dont understand the logic of deploying the GWT app by Idea. Can you help me with that?

Also, inside the Idea configuration there is a checkbox "Make", which enables the Make command before running the application. How can I figure out what this command is doing, both generally and in my case with GWT too?

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then you start a GWT Run configuration IDEA creates an exploded war structure accordingly to the dependencies list of the module selected in the run
configuration, i.e. jar files from dependencies are copied to WEB-INF/lib, and module outputs are copied to WEB-INF/classes.

'Make' command doesn't perform any GWT-specific compilations by default. However if you have 'Build artifacts 'x' option enabled in the run
configuration and the artifact 'x' contains 'GWT Compiler output' element in the layout the GWT compiler will be called and its output will be copied
to the artifact output.

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