support for processing.js pde files

A while back I posted this question, but I was kind of new to processing js and not sure of what I was asking -- my apologies.
My need for a solution to this problem remains... is something worth opening a ticket on?  Thank you.

Processing is a java subset for making graphics.   The file format is called .pde files, but inside the file is all java.

Processing.js converts pde files into javascipt and draws the pictures onto the html canvas element.

In your pde file, you can mix java snd javascript, as seen here:

 1 var jsString = "Hello from JavaScript!";
 2 var printMessage = function(msg) {
 3   document.getElementById('msg').innerHTML = "Message: " + msg;
 4 };
 6 String processingString = "Hello from Processing!";
 8 void setup() {
 9   printMessage(jsString + " " + processingString);
10 }

Any suggestions how to support this in IntelliJ?  IntelliLang requires, as far as I understand it, that I wrap the javascript into a java string.  This is not how processing.js files work -- javscript and java live side-by-side in the same tile.

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It's not "all Java", it's essentially a new language that defines its own rules for mixing Java and JavaScript syntax. You can support it by writing a custom language plugin. There is no way to configure support for a new language through the UI,


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