Problem adding png files to res directory

Hello... I am having a weird issue with 11.1.2 - I have upt together an OpenGL app that runs just fine the way it is with 40 or so png files in the RES folder, some with alpha channels.

  • Today I tried placing 2 new png files in the RES folder and it has had the effect of bumping all my curernt textures off by two. For example, Saturn is now wearing Uranus' texture. I have tried everything including rebuild, force rebuild of R, even wiped out the R to force a rebuild, and nothing works. rebuilding even has the added side effect of making all the current resources fail t all 'R.drawable.*' saying that package R does not exist. I've scoured the net for clues and a\I'm hoping someone can save my head from further damage from smacking it on the desk.
  • Thanks !
  • Mike  

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