Finding potential bad assignments in thread-safe code?


I am looking for a way to find potential issues in code that should be thread-safe. I would like to find "unauthorized" assignments in Spring beans, i.e.

public class MyBean {
  private Object myAttribute;

  public Object someNonSetterMethod(Object param1, Object... otherParams) {
    myAttribute = param1;
    // ... etc

  public void setMyAttribute(Object o) {
    myAttribute = o;

The assignment in someNonSetterMethod is obviously wrong because it modifies the internal state of a singleton, which will surely have consequences in other threads.

Now, it seems that IDEA has all the information needed to find such bugs: it knows that MyBean is a Spring bean (thanks to the Spring facet), it knows that myAttribute is a class attribute, and that someNonSetterMethod is modifying the state of this attribute via an assignment.

Would it be possible to find automatically such cases, perhaps using structural search? I tried looking at the doc but couldn't find any template capable of doing this...


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