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Those are the upgrade options for IDEA 5.1. You can use IDEA 5.1 with your license. I think they will update the page once IDEA 6.0 is released.

Beware: Although your license is valid for IDEA 5.1 it won't necessarily be valid for IDEA 6.0. Only if you buy an IDEA 5.1 license now, you'll be able to use that new license with IDEA 6.0.

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Hello Donald,

DM> On the upgrade page:
DM> http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/upgrade/how_to_upgrade.html
DM> Either the wording is confusing and needs to be fixed OR 5650 is not
DM> recognizing my license.
DM> I have a 4.5 license that was purchased on July 15, 2005. Should
DM> this license work for 6.0 or not? (The wording on the upgrade page
DM> isn't terribly clear either way)

No, this license is not supposed to work for 6.0. You'll need to buy an upgrade.

Dmitry Jemerov
Software Developer
"Develop with Pleasure!"


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