Visual Source Safe

I've just changed job. I've joined a company that uses Visual Source Safe with Eclipse. I can't impose a change to an alternative to VSS at this time, so I need to be sure that IDEA will work with VSS before recommending it over Eclipse.

There is a built-in plugin for VSS in IDEA 5. However, where I'm working, there are multiple projects, each one with a dedicated VSS project on the server.

The VSS 2005 client doesn't work correctly unless you copy the shortcut icon under windows and edit the shortcut to add the /D parameter after ssexp.exe, as in /DPROJECTNAME ... where PROJECTNAME has a different value for each project. Is this sort of thing handled by the IDEA VSS integration? It looks like I can't specify this parameter for ssexp.exe, I can only specify the path to ssexp.exe.

Can anyone more experienced advise me on this, or let me know if this will be supported in Demetra?


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