IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.2 Grails Project SVN "Revert" change not compiled !!!


I have the following problem: A file is in sync with SVN I chance something and run the app -> the file gets compiled and the change is in the running program.
Now if I make "Revert" for this file and rerun the application it compiles the file NOT and runs the program with the version before the revert, the file gets only compiled if I make another change after the revert.

Here is the workflow of my problem:
If I make a revert the changed files will not be compiled and the code before the revert gets executed but IntelliJ shows the code after the revert in the editor, this is a big problem for me.
It should compile 1 + files with changes, but if I revert one file it compiles 1 file and not two as expected. First if I change the reverted file again then it compiles it and the code which is shown in the editor is executed

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